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September 20, 2006, 11:51 pm
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As a way of introducing myself in this blog, I intend to post a series of entries which will form a manifesto of sorts. This will be mostly on politics – terrorism, security, privacy, capitalism, socialism, anarchism – but I may also include some manifesto entries on philosophy, and maybe even on cookery.

Once the manifesto is complete, the two main features of this blog will initially be politics and cookery. But, along the way I might find time to write about philosophy, films, books and poker. We’ll see how it goes, and whether or not anyone reads it.



Hi Dogster / Samovar,

Dropping by to say a quick hello. Like you I have just recently set up home in WordPress. I’m interested in seeing how your manifestos play out – they contain some interesting issues for discussion that are very close to my own heart.



Comment by Woodpigeon

Hi Dan!

Welcome to WordPress – nice to see you here. 🙂

Off to read the rest of your posts . . .

Comment by azahar

Although I suspect you are rather geeky, here is another blog of mine that has a few helpful tips for getting started here.

drawing board

Comment by azahar

Hey all, thanks for posting.

Woodpigeon, I’ll try to write some good new entries soon and maybe generate some interest in them.

az, thanks for the tips page! (and yes I am rather geeky ;-)).

Comment by Dan Goodman

Hi Dogster

Just popping by to say hello.

The manifestos look interesting and I will probably comment on them in due course – like when my laptop gets back from computer hospital. Meanwhile I’ll add you to my bloglines feedreader so I can keep track of new posts and comments.

Comment by noggin

Manifestos – excellent idea. I may end up stealing it, if you’d consent?

Comment by Chris Rossdale

Hi Noggin and Chris, certainly you can steal it, I won’t sue. 😉

Comment by Dan Goodman

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