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A peaceful view of religion
September 28, 2006, 3:05 am
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Andrew Morris writes in his article In good faith about the normal side of Islam, the peaceful side practised by almost all Muslims almost all of the time. He also talks in quite general terms about what motivates people to practise a religion, mentioning that belief in the existence of god is for the most part quite irrelevant.

The media is obsessed with those who preach and proclaim the `truth` of Islam, and concentrates on the outlandish personalities, the orthodoxies, the narrow interpretations, the perceived `mediaevalism` and `inflexibility` of the faith. But all that is a long way from people`s experience here, as they go about their daily lives, looking out for each other, complaining about the government, dodging cars, getting food on the table and kids into school. They care as much for dogma as your average Saturday shopper back home worries about the meaning of the Trinity.

In fact the question of whether religions are true seems almost irrelevant in this context. People observe religions not just because they represent `revealed truth` (an abstract concept for most), but because for them religion seems to work, just as it worked for their forefathers.



It’s a very good piece. People tend to forget that 1.4 billion people around the world adhere to Islam, and the faith has been around for 1400 years. A long time indeed. Essentially for such longevity, the religion must follow a common denominator and must accord with people’s daily lives, and must contain some sort of wisdom – exhortations to do better, giving people hope in their lives, etc. It seems to me in contrast that more brutal, aggressive ideologies fade away much more quickly – when the fury is all spent, there is nothing there to pass on to further generations.

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Gary Younge is my favourite Grauniad journalist. His piece from today’s issue is somewhat relevant

In summary…Matthew 7:3-5.

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Funnily enough, I had literally just read that article and was about to post a comment about it! Yes I think it was an interesting and relevant article.

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