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“The politics of fear”
October 2, 2006, 8:14 pm
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Just finished reading an interesting series of articles on the Guardian’s CIF site by Mark Seddon and Alan Johnson on the subject of ‘the politics of fear’. In his first article, Seddon merely points out how the threat of terrorism is being exploited by various politicians. This prompted a rather vicious reply by Alan Johnson. His main point seems to be that the threat is greater than just a few isolated incidents where at most a few thousand people die, but that many more are being killed in ‘Muslim world’. Seddon answers some of these points in his reply.

Any thoughts on this exchange? I thought it was quite interesting as an example of political writing on both sides, including how certain points were originally made by Seddon, how Johnson smeared and attacked Seddon, and how Seddon chose to reply.

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