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October 24, 2006, 2:37 am
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I’ve just noticed that WordPress allows you to see where people are coming to your site from, and what search terms they used to get them here. I decided to post a few of the best. If funny ones keep turning up I might make this a semi-regular feature.

  • do anarchist believe in a god – this person must have been really committed because my blog doesn’t come up in the first 15 pages of Google with this search
  •  spells to stop noisy neighbours – I’m on page 3 talking about ASBOs
  • what does samovars mean and a little later a followup, samovar how to use – sadly I didn’t provide anything helpful on either of these questions


I’ve got one: “what does a wood pigeon sound like?”

Every other search term features Richard Dawkins: the article is bringing some serious traffic to my blog!

Comment by woodpigeon01

yeah you’re right – a regular feature on this would be fun indeed. some of my search terms have me in a fit of giggles! I might take a leaf out of your book and try the same thing.

nice blog title by the way..

Comment by sonia

woodpigeon, yeah I saw the comments and decided not to get too involved in this one. 🙂

sonia, thanks I’m quite pleased with it. 🙂

Comment by Dan Goodman

I’ve had some real doozies in the past. Most recently just a couple of weird ones…
– trailing licorice
– corpus cristi food
– police chase, az, October 2006

A lot of the ‘az’ ones I get refer to Arizona (I hope!).

Happily my recent ‘hot sex’ post didn’t result in either an influx of spam or tons of weird search engine stuff.

Comment by azahar

The hot sex entry DIDN’T bring people to your blog? What’s going on? This is the internet isn’t it?

Comment by Dan Goodman

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