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Image crappification on wordpress
October 25, 2006, 4:13 am
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Whenever I upload a custom header picture for this blog, wordpress seems to crappify it. It takes a perfectly good image and does some nasty stuff to it and then it looks rubbish.

I feign ignorance, but I know what it’s doing. It’s taking the picture I upload and resampling it as a JPEG file whose size is 10kb. Is there any way round this? Does this happen for every theme or just the Kubrick one? Why does it resample it even if I upload a nicely tweaked JPEG file which is under 10kb? (It actually managed to increase the file size and make it look worse.)



If you look on the Regulus theme you will find specific size specifications given for the header – I think this is the only theme that doesn’t get automatically sized.

You might want to ask one of the Forums or even on Feedback, to see if you can get round the automatic thing.

And if you find out, let us know here. 🙂

Comment by azahar

I know that some people do have images with larger file sizes because I’ve seen some that do. Maybe they’re on paying accounts or something.

Comment by Dan Goodman

As far as I know the only paid-for accounts here are the ‘Edit CSS’ ones, which I don’t pretend to understand.

Meanwhile, my ‘casa az’ header turned out fine, but Nog’s ended up ’tiled’ though he decided he rather like the look of it that way. I don’t really understand why some images come out fine and others don’t.

Comment by azahar

rather ‘liked’ the look of it…

Now that is something missing here! A preview button.

Comment by azahar

Nog’s one is great, if it was an accident it was a very fortuitous one.

Your one is 172kb, so they haven’t done what they did to mine. Maybe it’s a new policy and you got yours in before they changed it?

Comment by Dan Goodman

Nog’s was taken from something I downloaded that wasn’t much bigger than a thumbnail, which was why we thought it came out all pixelated.

I just tried another header on my theme over on the drawing board and it came out fine using (I think) the same size pic I’ve got on my casa az header.

Comment by azahar

Hmm. Why are they messing my one about then? Grrrr.

Comment by Dan Goodman

Have you tried it on a different theme?

Comment by azahar

Anyhow, if you find any solutions please let me know. I have a ‘semi-tile’ problem going on with my azahar blog and can’t figure out how to fix it.

Comment by azahar

Haven’t tried it on a different theme yet. I’ll play around with it a bit when I get the chance and let you know if I get it working.

Comment by Dan Goodman

Arse. I tried using different themes and they all did the same thing. I tried uploading your picture to my blog and it worked fine! Why do they hate my picture?

Comment by Dan Goodman

OK after a quick look at the forums this was still an essentially unresolved issue for lots of users 8 days ago. A while ago they improved the image quality, but it’s still pretty crappy. The reason it works for your image and not mine is that they have used a rather odd algorithm that works better for some images and worse for others. Ah well, just have to wait I guess.

Comment by Dan Goodman

Gaaaa… I’ve tried out another ‘orange blossom’ pic on my azahar blog … still comes out pixillatetd. Most annoying!

I don’t know why the casa az pic works … it just does.

What pic are you trying to use? Want to send it to me by email so I can have a look?

Meanwhile, seen this? Fabulous wallpaper …
Desktop Earth

Comment by azahar

Ooooh, that wallpaper looks rather cool. I’ll try it out when I get bored of my current one. If your pic is coming out pixellated it must be smaller than the size of the header? If you’re using firefox, right click on the banner and choose “view background image”. Then right click on the new image and choose properties. It should give you the correct dimensions.

Not much point emailing you the picture. From having a look at the forums I realised that the problem is not something we can do anything about. Just have to wait for them to fix it. Pictures with lots of medium contrast edges in it like photographs of natural scenes (or paintings) will come out quite well. Pictures like mine which had a large area with very low contrast and then very high contrast text on top of it come out badly. Hmm, perhaps the thing to do is to remove the text from the picture and use theirs instead. I don’t like the font, but it would be better than nothing. Will try that later.

Comment by Dan Goodman

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