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The Pigeon Conspiracy
October 26, 2006, 5:14 am
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BBC news is reporting a pelican eating a pigeon.

How is that a pigeon? It’s quite clearly a coot. Why are the BBC lying to us? What is the basis of the great pigeon conspiracy? Are they trying to airbrush the coot out of history? Are they trying to start a war between pigeonkind and pelicankind? We need to know!


The conspiracy goes deeper. Flickr user James Bunton posts pictures of a pelican eating a pigeon dated NOVEMBER 1ST 2005!!!

And what do we see in the foreground here? A pigeon. QUITE SAFE!!

And what do we see here if not a PELICAN EYEING UP SOME COOTS!?!


Could this be anything to do with the Pigeon Conspiracy?

Comment by Dan Goodman

If coots are the birds with the white stripe down their faces, then the original photo does look more like a pidgeon. A bit hard to tell, but the beak looks rather pointy and there’s that stupid ‘huh? where am I?’ look that pidgeons tend to have.

Comment by azahar

Huh? 😉

It’s a pigeon alright. Not a coot. Bloody feral one too. Many feral pigeons are there because of the sport of pigeon racing – they descend originally from rock doves I think, who spend their time on the sea shores and who have an incredibly accurate homing instinct. Its us who put them there in the first place.

Comment by Woodpigeon

Hmm, yes it’s definitely not a coot. It’s a pretty unusual pigeon though. I don’t remember ever seeing one with such dark colours.

Comment by Dan Goodman

‘Tis a Pigeon.

Comment by stufforama

[…] pigeon war – it’s more of a cold war at the moment, but we’ve got the pelicans on our side […]

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I think your Nuts!!!

Comment by Anonymous

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