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The ultimate dilemma
October 28, 2006, 5:00 am
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Which is the funniest film of all time?

  • The Big Lebowski


  • Dr Strangelove

Those are the choices, and that’s an objective fact.

I think in the end my money is on Dr Strangelove because the humour is do damned dark and I love that. But… it doesn’t have El Duderino.


You’ve obviously never seen Bats “we’ve turned them into…. omnivores!!!”

Comment by Alastair

El Duderino: Gentlemen, you can’t fight in here, this is the war room

Now that’s a film!

Comment by Chris

I hate to admit this publicly but I’ve never seen Dr Strangelove … 😳

The Dude is seriously good but not sure if that film counts as the funniest one of all time.

Will give this some thought …

Comment by azahar

After Hours – Scorsese. A dark treat!

Comment by Edward the Bonobo

Oh…and “Nice marmot!”

Comment by Edward the Bonobo

Um… Nog and I started watching Dr Strangelove last night and after about an hour we decided to turn it off and maybe watch the rest later. Nog had seen it before and said he remembered it as being funnier (this was about 20 years ago). I mean, it’s amusing here and there but neither of us found it particularly funny. Or is all the funny stuff in the last half hour? 😉

Comment by azahar



I can’t believe it. I won’t believe it. It’s some sort of cruel psychological game you’re playing.

Comment by Dan Goodman

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Which is the funniest film of all time? The Life of Brian. Dr Strangelove comes way down my list after Only Two can Play.

Comment by alji

Boy, I like both those movies. And even though the husband and I have seen Dr. Strangelove numerous times, it still makes us laugh out loud. But the Big Lebowski is great. I love how every time you see it the car is worse and worse, until the fire. and the total fixation on the righteous need to have his rug replaced. And the dream sequence. Oh, inspired choices, those two.

But, gee. Some Like it Hot? and you didn’t put Repo Man there?

Comment by healingmagichands

“It’s some sort of cruel psychological game you’re playing.”

Don’t think so. Especially as we actually made ourselves watch that last half hour and kept looking at each other hoping one of us would laugh …

Yeah okay, a chuckle here and there, but the whole thing seemed too forced to be truly funny somehow…

*runs for cover*

Comment by azahar

Bah! I guess not everyone can love it, even though everyone should love it.

Haven’t seen Repo Man so I can’t comment. Some Like it Hot is great of course, but you know it had to be a dilemma so I had to choose the top two. 😉

Comment by Dan Goodman

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Try midight run, with de niro and grodin

and la cage aux folles

the sting interview with reeves and mortimer

Comment by Mikey

Oh and I forgot ‘the man with two brains’ with steve martin

Comment by Mikey

here4 is the sting thingy

Comment by Anonymous

Oh yeah, Midnight Run is way better than Dr Strangelove!

*runs for cover*

Comment by azahar

Now, I have no way to make this comparison as I have not ever seen Midnight Run. 4

Comment by healingmagichands

I haven’t seen any of these films, but I have to say Mikey I had a look at the Reeves and Mortimer thing and chuckled not…

*throws tomatoes at azahar on general principles*

Comment by Dan | thesamovar

*ducks* 😛

I can’t believe you haven’t seen Midnight Run! Do something about that, would you? And then we’ll talk. Charles Grodin is deliciously deadpan and De Niro is a fab straightman. You’ll love it.

Comment by azahar

I’ll keep an eye out for it, but from the description it doesn’t sound like it could have anything on Dr Strangelove…

Comment by Dan | thesamovar

Well okay, just watch it as a film that has nothing to do with Dr Strangelove – it’s totally worth it.

Comment by azahar

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