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November 1, 2006, 5:51 pm
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Latest searches which led people to my page:

  • confessions of reformed racists
  • the biggest shits
  • pelican eating pigeon

I think I must be doing something wrong?



I’ve just had a response from the search term “t”

Go figure.

Comment by woodpigeon01

Some recent ones on mine …

trousers to wear with mauve shirts

Hepcat jokes


Anagnostic? 😕 Oh, and I loved this one!


Comment by azahar

Hehehe, very nice. 🙂

Comment by Dan Goodman

I used to run a recipe website…the precursor of this one. (and I really should get around to having the 200+ pages rehosted). One recipe for stewed quince that I got in Turkey was accompanied by a quote from a well-known Edward Lear poem. Hence, via the hitcounter widget, I discovered that various people arrived looking for Turkish Pussy. I imagine they’ll have been seorely disappointed.

There was also a recipe for baked giant mushrooms in hamburger buns, reached by a surprising number of people who were looking for Greasy Baps.

Comment by Edward the Bonobo

Ed, that made my day. 🙂 In the future, I will endeavour to write entries which attract such search terms! I’m sure that’s what you did. I can’t imagine that “greasy baps” appeared on your page by accident…

Comment by Dan Goodman

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