The Samovar

28 points
April 7, 2007, 12:59 am
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From a real game. Note the top right hand corner! (Sadly – it wasn’t mine and it only got 28 points.)




That’s a scrabble board anyone could be proud of. Cool seeing ‘samovar’ there.

Nog and I started a game over lunch today – first one we’ve had in ages. It was going great until he stole my spot and got 40 points (and I’d set him up!). Grrr…

Comment by azahar

And “Porn” going down vertically – cool! 😀

Comment by woodpigeon

Hehe, I was a bit annoyed about that, it takes something away from the majesty of the samovar!

Comment by thesamovar

I agree, a damn-fine board. I encourage you all to read One Sorry Blog and play in its Sunday Scrabble Sweepstakes each week. A word a week is all it takes.

Comment by onesorryblog

scrabble sucks

Comment by Anonymous

glib! nice! 🙂

Comment by Blaine

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