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Image decrappification
May 13, 2007, 2:28 am
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Some time ago I wrote about how custom image headers on WordPress were being saved at a very low quality. Well, it seems that at some point between then and now it’s been fixed. Now if you upload an image of exactly the correct number of pixels it won’t crappify it. For this theme, that’s 750×140 pixels. As you can see, I’m now seasonal…



Mmmm . . . fresh and juicy! Though to me the green in the header clashes a bit with the blue in the theme. Have you tried it with a more neutral theme like Misty Look or K2lite?

Had some asparagus in a chicken & pasta dish yesterday and put aside a few choice ‘al dente’ pieces for my cat Azar. He sure loves his aspargus, especially being hand fed piece by piece (spoilt? you betcha).

Comment by azahar

Yes, it does clash a bit. I might have a look at some of the other themes later, but since asparagus isn’t going to be in season for much longer anyway, I might just leave it… 😉

Comment by thesamovar

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