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May 25, 2007, 1:41 pm
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These just get madder and madder…

  • green asparagus extreme cooking  -oh my god! Extreme cooking! That is do damn cool.
  • bananas and nervous system – apparently if you eat too many bananas the build-up of potassium can be lethal (note: may be an urban myth), and potassium is an important chemical in the nervous system. No idea if these have anything to do with each other.
  • “eating alone” in “the fat duck” – don’t do it! Take a friend.
  • samovar brainwave decrappification – erm?
  • what are some shortcomings of capitalism – I could say a lot about this. Instead, I’ll just direct you to Znet.
  • human meat substitute – OK I wrote that entry as a joke people!


I’m surprised you haven’t heard of the KILLER BANANAS yet…

Comment by azahar

I used to know someone who claimed that the black bit at the base of the banana gave you leprosy.

Comment by thesamovar

Yeah, I should probably take responsibility for some of those… did you get the hairy tipped cockroach one too?

Comment by Alastair

I’m not sure I even want to think about that…

Comment by thesamovar

Don’t even go there. The other day Nog found the grandaddy of all massive roaches (hairy or otherwise) scuttling around our under-the-sink garbage bin. Gaaaaaa!

Comment by azahar

In Kurt Vonnegut’s last book, he reports the joke played by the Yippies on the FBI. They circulated a rumour that the latest high was bananas, taken rectally. The idea was that the FBI would have to seek experimental verification.

But as for leprosy…you get that from belonging to the wrong ethnic group in a 1st world country, don’t you?

Comment by Edward the Bonobo

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