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June 12, 2007, 1:35 am
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On my old blog, barbecues featured heavily, but so far this one has remained BBQ free. Sunny weather in London over the last few days means I can finally remedy that.

That’s scallops wrapped in pancetta flaming away there. It’s a delicious barbecue combination, but the large amount of fat in the pancetta dripping on to the charcoal and going on fire makes it a little bit dramatic.

Fillet steak! Not from meatsacks. Macro mode on my phone is pretty nifty too.

Not everything involved death to animals though. These tomatoes for example (which were dressed with – of course – single estate extra virgin olive oil and 10 year old balsamic vinegar) only contributed to world misery indirectly, being, as they were, flown in from Sardinia at the cost of the average global temperature. More eco-friendly British asparagus also featured:

But not stomach-friendly as you might be able to tell from the large yellowish rectangular object in the picture above.

Finally, we washed it down with my very own ultimate (in the sense of fatal) hot chocolate.

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