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The surveillance society progresses
June 19, 2007, 2:06 pm
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The Beeb reports that:

A financial services firm in Japan has begun offering lower mortgage interest rates to “intelligent” customers.

This is somewhat similar to a story about water companies in Northern Ireland planning to give people with bad credit ratings less time to pay their bills.

For more on the “social sorting”, inequality and the long term dangers of this sort of thing, read my entry on the Surveillance Society.

Update: Bruce Schneier posts a story about how the NSF have awarded a grant to a company to research how to use Google maps photography to spy on our houses, for example to tell whether or not we have a pool (I guess that’s more realistic in the US than over here), and tie that in with other information marketers have on us. We need to be thinking more about the effect this sort of thing is going to have.

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