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RFC: Courgette Risotto
July 7, 2007, 1:25 am
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So I have this idea in mind that I want to make courgette risotto but I’ve not done it before and most of the recipes I’ve looked at don’t look that inspiring. I feel with courgettes you need to do something with them rather than just stick ’em in and hope it tastes nice.  Any thoughts?

Some of the ideas I’ve had so far:

  • Two ways of cooking them: slice off the skins and roughly chop them, and do the same with the insides. Cook the insides along with the rest of the risotto so they dissolve into the risotto. Meanwhile, saute the chopped skins on a high heat  for a short time so they retain some texture and stir into the risotto right at the end.
  • Herbs: I think the BBC recipe I looked at a few days ago had the right idea – lots of herbs. I was thinking about basil, parsley, maybe oregano, maybe mint.
  • Pesto: Never tried the combination of pesto and courgette but apparently it’s fantastic. I was thinking perhaps a small amount at the side rather than stirring it in.
  • Pine nuts: Thinking about pesto, the idea of toasting some pine nuts and stirring them into the risotto seemed a good one for taste and texture. What about other nuts?
  • Third way: a Raymond Blanc recipe I was looking at had courgette ribbons – very thin slices of courgette, marinated in oil, salt, pepper and (I think) lemon; then cooked for a very short time on a high heat, covered. They sound nice and could be used in various ways in a courgette risotto – perhaps as a base, on the side, or even stirred in.

There’s also another question – what would courgette risotto go with? I usually have risotto on its own, but perhaps in this case it would be nicer made in a smaller quantity with some sort of meaty or birdy thing.

While I’m here – any thoughts on aubergine risotto? Apparently it’s very good – also never tried it.


Have you tried charring courgettes in a ridged pan? Keep the skin on, slice lengthways, season and a drizzle of olive oil. Squeeze the excess moisture out of the courgettes during the cooking by placing a pan full of water on them.

Obviously if you chopped them up for a risotto you would lose the brown pattern, but you would still get the difference in taste.

Comment by ukliberty

Hey, good idea. It could be combined with some of the other ideas in the post above rather than just chopping and stirring it in to keep the appearance. Thanks for the suggestion.

It’ll be something to do with my griddle pan too…

Comment by Dan | thesamovar

Have you not seen this photo before, Dan?

grilled courgettes with other stuff

So I wonder if the risotto sans courgette could then be served with a criss-crossing of the grilled strips on top?

Comment by azahar

Those look great az! Especially the topping.

Comment by Dan | thesamovar

Yeah, the whole garlic cloves are sautéed in olive oil with a sprinkle of salt until they start to go ‘caramel’, then add dry sherry amd turn the heat down low until the garlic goes totally buttery…

Comment by azahar

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