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The great scrabble contest begins
July 12, 2007, 8:03 pm
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So azahar introduced me to Scrabulous. The first match was a win for her, but a double rematch is happening now.

The game started well for az with rootier (hah!). Nice to get a blank tile on your first go. I fought back valiantly to gain a 10 point lead when suddenly – whammo! – I was hit with quin for 70 points. I knew az had the Q, but I was holding the last U. Rather foolishly, I forgot about the second blank that was still unplayed. Fiat, jib and upo (wtf?) weren’t enough to get me close especially with hied on a triple word score and I ended 41 points down, 400 to 359. Not even a creaming!




I see you conveniently left out the bit where you most ungallantly refused to miss a turn in kind when I accidently lost my turn (trying to swap an R for one of the blanks). So even with a cheaty sneaky extra turn you still lost. Ha! 😛

Very odd that I was going to put down ‘fiat’ a few turns before you did – not exactly a word you hear everyday.

And what the hell is ‘upo’? Other than one to remember, that is. By the way, I much prefer the dictionary we’re using now – thanks for changing it.

Comment by azahar

Technical incompetence is PLENTY of reason to forfeit a go! 😉

I looked up “upo” in the complete OED and it has “upo’ = upon”, from ye olden days when people left out letters willy nilly. I wouldn’t have thought that should count myself, but it allowed it so whatcha gonna do?

Comment by Dan | thesamovar

So how do we swap letters for blanks then, Mr SuperGeek? Or isn’t it allowed?

Comment by azahar

Not sure what you mean by swapping letters for blanks?

And I don’t know yet, because I didn’t get one in that game!

Comment by Dan | thesamovar

I mean, if a blank tile is put down to represent (for example) an ‘s’, then the next person to get an ‘s’ has the option of swapping it for the blank tile.

You don’t do that?

Comment by azahar

Ahh, no, I’ve not come across that rule before.

Comment by Dan | thesamovar

Well I guess I won’t try that one again! 😉

But seriously, it’s a fairly standard rule, even in Ireland and the UK, (according to Recumbentman anyhow).

Comment by azahar

I guess they haven’t put variations on the standard rules in their software yet.

Comment by Dan | thesamovar

Duly posted for posterity. 🙂

first time ever

Comment by azahar

So are you settling in?

Voulez vous scrabblé avec moi … um, pronto?

I just want that last horrid game to be over with. I only have stupid vowels … gaaaa!

Comment by azahar

Hey az, I’m settling in slowly but still no internet access at home so communication will be infrequent for a while. I’ll post something when I get internet access again…

Comment by Dan | thesamovar

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