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Je vais à Paris
August 12, 2007, 1:38 am
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Yes, that’s right. I’m off to Paris from September for at least a year. I have a job at the École Normale Supérieure doing research in theoretical neuroscience.


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So I have a job, an apartment, now all I need to do is learn French…



Details, details . . .

Well, I just hope you’re still going to have time for the occasional scrabble game. 🙂

Comment by azahar

Well done you! I’ll not mis-use the classic faux ami by saying ‘J’ai envie de toi’ – which does not mean ‘I’m envious of you’. Although it might be a useful phrase to learn.

Comment by Edward the Bonobo

‘kin markup language!

Comment by Edward the Bonobo

az, oh I’m sure I’ll find time for the occasional game. Just racked up 118 points in two goes in my game with noggin!

Ed, I corrected it for you. 🙂

Comment by Dan | thesamovar

I’m green with envy. Have a great time.

Comment by noggin

Have you read ‘A Year In The Merde’? It’s a cut above frog-mocking tosh like ‘A Year In Provence’. A good bit is where the protagonist is – er – taken in tow by a woman and subjected to lots of casual sex. After a few weeks she recommends him to a potential girlfriend, saying “He’s suitable for making love to a French woman now.”

There’s also a great American character who’s forgotten how to speak English possibly and can only do it as a literal translation from French.

Comment by Edward the Bonobo

You’ve got a very nice Seychelles restaurant just around the corner from where you are (for a given definition of “just round the corner”). Started marking where the ***’s are on that map yet?

Comment by Alastair

Ed – haven’t read it but sounds like a good situation to find myself in. Not sure what my girlfriend will think about it though…

Alastair – thanks I’ll add it to my growing list of restaurant recommendations! 🙂

Comment by Dan | thesamovar

So … learned French yet?

Comment by azahar

I think I can answer that in one word:


But, just got back from a short holiday in Normandy where I did lots of speaking – albeit only holiday type things like ordering food, booking restaurants and hotels and so forth.

Comment by Dan | thesamovar

“Have you read ‘A Year In The Merde’? It’s a cut above frog-mocking tosh like ‘A Year In Provence’.”

Or that gawd-awful ‘Driving Over Lemons’ by the original Genesis drummer that is equally condescending about ‘the locals’ in a small village in southern Spain.

So, you couldn’t find a waiter or hotel receptionist who wanted to discuss theoretical neuroscience with you? How odd…

Comment by azahar

I still don’t even know the French for neuroscience! Must look that up. I did venture to discuss the bad weather in Normandy and Britain this summer with one hotel receptionist, but that was about as adventurous as I got…

Comment by Dan | thesamovar

“I still don’t even know the French for neuroscience! Must look that up.”

Um … erm … well yeah! That’s probably not a bad idea! 🙄

Possibly similar to the Spanish – neurociencia (I just made that up but I bet it’s real).

Comment by azahar

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