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More bourgeois food
November 5, 2008, 10:53 pm
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You’ve probably heard all you could possibly want about Obama, so here’s some bourgeois Parisian food I ate while Alastair was visiting me last weekend instead.

Let’s start with these macarons from Gerard Mulot.


We have from top left to bottom left in clockwise order; chocolate and coriander seed, passion fruit and basil leaf, orange and ginger, green tea, chestnut, and hazelnut. GM’s macarons are fantastic, but they’re nothing compared to the true master of the macaron, Pierre Hermé. Sadly no macaron pictures from PH, but here are some of the fantastic cakes on offer (click to get a closer view):


This time, I had the tarte citron aux citrons which was a perfect lemon tart but nothing beyond the ordinary, and Alastair had the tarte au caramel which really was something beyond the ordinary, much more like a salted butter caramel (and a very salty one at that) than the usual creme caramel (which I’m not a fan of at all). We also managed to find time to have dinner at Alain Senderens:


Sadly the pictures from inside didn’t come out very well (you can see the slightly bizarre orange lighting scheme), but here’s me doing a minimal job of pretending not to be scruffy. (I’ve done my best to correct for the lighting but it’s not perfect so the colour may seem a little odd.)


We both went for the tasting menu, which featured an amuse bouche of butternut squash soup with mussels; a starter tout cèpe of cep (porcini) mushrooms cooked in many different ways with an oeuf mollet (like a poached egg); a fish course of an open ravioli of lobster with vanilla foam and shoots of tétragone (I don’t know what it is); a meat course of duck with various beetroot things and wasabi; a pre-dessert of pineapple and coriander jelly; and a dessert Fine Dacquoise au poivre de Séchouan,
marmelade au citron confit, glace au gingembre
(meringue with szechuan pepper, marmelade of confit lemon and ginger icecream). Of these, the mushroom starter and lobster were amazing (although Alastair is not a great fan of mushrooms so he doesn’t share my opinion there), and the rest were just very good, with the exception of the pudding which I was not a fan of at all. Meringue doesn’t do it for me and the flavours were overdone. All in all, an excellent meal but you’d be better off going to L’Astrance for lunch, cheaper and better.

Anyway, we weren’t quite done after all that so we nipped in to Angelina’s to try their famous hot chocolate. Well, it was pretty good, much better than the normal powder+milk combo you get, but really, mine is better. Angelina’s may have been making it for over a hundred years, but they put too much sugar in and it’s too touristy there.


Bof! I suppose I should stop enjoying myself here and get some work done now…



Salted butter caramel sounds interesting (I don’t have a sweet tooth) but that green thing up there looks kinda gross.

Comment by azahar

The green tart next to the chocolate square ones? Yeah it looks a little strange. I almost chose that but didn’t, possibly because it looks kinda gross. 😉

Comment by Dan | thesamovar

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