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My first thanksgiving
November 29, 2008, 9:38 pm
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I gave thanks for the puissance of the colonialists who conquered the natives, thus allowing me to be enjoying this fine ritual eating of a turkey. Needless to say, this didn’t go down well with the Americans I was eating with.

It was very exciting for me to have a thanksgiving dinner because I’d never had one before and it was like getting to have an early christmas dinner. So off we went to find the ingredients for a traditional thanksgiving, which is not an easy task in Paris and involved trips to La Grande Epicerie and Rue Mouffetard. The turkey itself was the most difficult bit, seeing as it’s not a particular favourite of the Parisians. We did find some eventually, but I knew when I saw the 4.5kg beasts that there was no way they would fit in my tiny Paris apartment style oven, so I tentatively asked si on peut prendre une demie-dinde and much to my surprise, yes we could! And here it is, in my tiny weeny little oven.


And later on, cooked:


We also had homemade cranberry sauce:


And stuffing:


There was also mashed potatoes, and spiced, caramelised sweet potatoes, which you can see being made here:


There was also pumpkin pie and carrot cake for pudding (no picture for some reason I forgot). Man, did we eat waaay too much. I wouldn’t have eaten anything at all the next except that I brought the remainder of the pudding in to work so that people in my office could have some, but as hardly anybody came in to work that day for some reason, I ended up eating most of the carrot cake myself.


Verdict: English christmas dinner is better, but this was pretty good too.


Well done! That cranberry sauce looks fabulous.

Comment by azahar

The turkey itself and the cranberry sauce were definitely the best bits! (But of course we get to have those at christmas dinner too.)

Comment by Dan | thesamovar

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