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My mathematical genealogy
February 16, 2009, 7:58 pm
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The Mathematics Genealogy Project has a huge database of mathematicians, showing who was supervised by whom, and what students everyone had. If you’re a mathematician, you can use this to trace back who your mathematical ancestors were and it can be quite fun. Below is a chart I made of my own mathematical genealogy. It’s nice to see exciting names from the history of mathematics and science there, such as Poisson, Laplace, Lagrange, d’Alembert, Euler, the Bernoullis, Leibniz,  and Huygens (I stopped at that point). The dates are when they finished their doctorate, or if they didn’t do one, when they lived.




My great great great great great great grandfather is your great great great great great grandfather, so how are we related? Heh, I’m in the younger generation!

Comment by Alastair

Sixth cousin, once removed imo.

Comment by Alastair

yes, it’s a fun website isn’t it… my lot became biologists a few generations back — less illustrious than your heritage.

Comment by sean h

You’re such a geek.

Comment by azahar

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