The Samovar


I am currently doing postdoctoral research in theoretical neuroscience. Previously, I was a mathematician. I’m also a left-wing anarchist, amateur cook, and philosopher.

To get some idea of where I’m coming from, you might like to take a peek at some of the entries on this blog tagged Manifesto.

If you’d like to know what a samovar is, try here.

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What are your areas of interest as a neuroscientist?

Comment by Sputnik

Theoretical and computational stuff. At the moment I’m doing vision, but I’d also be interested in doing something in memory, stability, decision-making, development… Anything interesting really.

Comment by Dan Goodman

Would autism research be in the scope of what you do? Just curious, as the mother of a four-year-old who was diagnosed this past September (he is very mild though. Likely to be reclassified as Aspergers eventually.)

Comment by Sputnik

I’m sorry, I’m afraid it’s not something I know anything about.

Comment by Dan Goodman

You might like to look at Savage on SEU, on decision making.

Comment by Mikey

Can’t find any recent foodie posts so I’m leaving this link here.

Dinner At El Bulli”

Bon apetite!

Comment by azahar

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