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My comments policy so far is simple. I do not plan to delete any comments, and if for some reason I do (other than trivial reasons, e.g. duplicate posts), I will always post a note saying that I have done so and explaining my reason. The only exception to this is suspected spam comments that made it through the filters. These are comments which consist of just a single message, usually complimentary like “Great site, keep it up”, with a link to some webpage. Contentless comments like this will be deleted without my checking the link. If your post doesn’t appear after you’ve posted it, it is because of the spam filtering. Some comments get referred to me if they are borderline (usually because they contain more than one link, apparently a good indicator of spam) and will be allowed as soon as I look at them. Others disappear without notice. If you have posted a message and it hasn’t appeared within a few days, email me and I will look into it. I recently found that the spam filtering on this site actually blocked one of my own messages because it had a link to an anonymising web site, which is rather dubious from a political point of view.

If I change my comments policy, I will announce it in a blog entry, and change this page.

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Nareman want to make love with LediLexa.

Comment by nareman

It’s obscure and meaningless but I don’t immediately see any reason to delete it…

Comment by Dan Goodman

Looks like spam. Have you clicked on the name link?

Comment by azahar

It just goes to google right?

Comment by Dan Goodman


Comment by Anonymous

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