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Freedom and inequality (and blogs)
November 8, 2008, 5:35 am
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Readership of blogs follows a power law distribution, that means roughly that if you rank all the blogs in order of readership, then blog N will have a readership proportional to 1/N (actually it’s Na but a is close to -1). This means that almost all blog traffic goes to a small number of blogs, and the vast majority of blogs will have almost no readers (like this one, but that’s fine by me). The same rule appears to apply to many situations: readership of web pages generally, word frequencies in the English language, digital song sales, etc. There are some mathematical arguments that if you assume people are free to choose from a large number of options (of any sort), but that other peoples’ choices will affect them, even if only marginally, then power law distributions follow. In other words, this is a natural and unavoidable situation.

Well, I haven’t thought terribly deeply about this, but are there consequences for democracy? Presumably change happens slowly in these power law distributed readerships because they’re based on others’ preferences. Does this put a fundamental limit on the rate of change of opinions? Does it make propaganda inevitable? I don’t know. Anyway, for those of us who believe in equality, I think that there is a challenge to be met in these observations.